• Legal Mediation

    We undertake to carry out various legal agreements to resolve emerged disputes out of the court proceedings through mediation between the parties in the compliance with the laws and within the a short period of time. This is a new and effective practice for parties in dispute because is a procedure shorter in time and less costly for each party.

  • Criminal Law

    We focus on offering serious legal actions in function of protecting constitutional and other rights of the client represented by us.

  • Employment Law

    We provide representation in court proceedings, at any level of judgement with the object of employment relationship termination. We offer consultancy in drafting individual or collective employment contracts, union agreements, the rights of the inventor/author as the employee

  • Administrative Law

    We offer services regarding legal representation in disputes with state administration institutions drafting requests, appeals and judicial representation in court proceedings.

  • Civil Law

    We deal with problems such as acquisition or protection of property, property co-ownership, contractual obligations, and inheritance by the law and by the will, drafting contracts of all kinds.

  • Family Law

    We offer assistance on several legal procedures on adoption process, drafting the agreements in case the marriage settlement is made with understanding between the parties, drafting the agreement that regulates the marital property regime, the definition of parental responsibility, child custody

  • Real Estate

    We provide all relevant information as how to act, procedures to be fulfilled and terms to be met, in order for the immovable property owners to enjoy gain the title of the property and to dispose it freely and in accordance with the best interests.

  • Intellectual Property

    The authors of various works of art, literature, cultural film, musical, architectural, etc. will find in us legal consultancy in protection of their intellectual creations, according to Kenyan legislation and other foreign legislation if their creations are published outside the territory Kenya.

  • Commercial Law

    We offer consultancy on draft in the companies’ bylaws and act of incorporation, registration at the Companies registry, negotiating and drafting agreements for sale-purchase of shares and quotas, opening branches or represented offices, merger or dissolution of companies

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