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ICJ condemns demolitions, Mau evictions as it accuses gov’t of bias

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), an international human rights NGO, has criticised the government over the ongoing demolitions of buildings on public land and evictions in Mau Forest.

Addressing the media in Nairobi, ICJ on Monday accused the agencies involved of conducting the exercise in a biased and illegal manner.

ICJ chairman Kelvin Mogeni, who was flanked by Executive Director Samwel Mohochi, said the government was disregarding court orders in certain occasions.

“ICJ is deeply concerned on how the demolitions are being done by the parties involved. We support repossession of illegally acquired land but it should be done following due process,” said Mr. Mogeni.

“Conservation of the environment deserves all stakeholders support. We condemn the government disregard of the rule of law. Some of the demolitions are being done in a bias manner.”

The international human rights group further accuses the government of illegally flushing out settlers of Mau Forest.

ICJ recommends that the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) report, the Ndung’u report and others be implemented instead of adopting “guerrilla like tactics” in the Mau Forest evictions.

“We are not against reclaiming our forests but it should be done legally. Public interests must be safeguarded against private interests,”said the group.

ICJ termed the ongoing evictions as knee-jerk solutions, noting the previous commissions of inquiry had come up with comprehensive solutions.

The NGOs Executive Director Samwel Mohochi said if the government does not implement the report, ICJ will go back to court to push for its implementation.

The lobby group called on National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale to table the report in parliament.

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